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Our service on a view.


We offer the following worldwide services to our business partners and clients:

• Conception and planning of holidays, meetings and more
• Event - Security - Personnel for concerts, festivals of all kind, TV-productions and more
• Escort - Service for endangered / threatened persons
• Personal - Security - Guards for persons of public interest like artists, musicians, politicians / members of the „HighSociety“ 
• Driving services and transportations of any kind
• VIP shuttle and chauffeur – services
• luggage and cargo service
• TAX-Refund service
• Health Care


Particularly trained Partner shield the guests friendly and discretely from fans and the press.
You will be accompanied with our very trusted team for giving a best care concerning medications and treatment.

The huge wealth of experience of our Partner is the advantage for your carefree stay!


Therefore we are capable of offering a comprehensive „service from one hand“ to our clients – making ways of communication short and quick and efficient troubleshooting possible.


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